the work of a farmer

Tom Gore Vineyards

Tom Gore is a second-generation grape farmer from Sonoma County and from the time he learned to walk, he was stomping alongside his dad, getting dirty and taking care of the grapes. For Tom Gore, farming isn’t a profession, it’s a way of life. His family helped develop the vineyards of Northern California into a world-class winemaking region, and Tom’s childhood was spent among the vines. He has worked every harvest since he was seven years old, and has always known farming grapes would be his life’s work.

Good wines start long before the harvest. They start in the vineyards with a farmer. With Tom Gore Vineyards, Tom is stepping out from behind the scenes to tell the story of the farmer’s role and to create wines that prove what insiders have long known—great wines start with the work of a farmer.


Sonoma County
Varied Farmland

The mountains, valleys, and coasts of Sonoma make it an exceptional region for growing wine. Across the diverse landscape, the grapes are exposed to dry sun, morning fog, and a cool coastal breeze. These microclimates make it a large, top growing appellation, capable of producing some of the world’s finest wines.